Hi, I'm Jenni.

One thing to know about me is that I'm a complete goofball! I love to interact and have fun with my clients during our sessions. Expect jokes, not good jokes, but jokes all the same.

I've gotten the chance to shoot in Colorado, Virginia, and home, sweet home, Louisiana. I've also had the honor of being published in a couple of magazines!

Photo of Jenni looking through a fountain to smile at the camera.



“She taught me the perfect poses and explained how the hand motion or certain turn of the head would work in the photo. And the pictures turned out soooo beautiful! She made me look amazing. She is so talented and she truly loves her job. You can just tell when she looks in the camera and giggles, “that’s perfect!” And she’s not only talented in her photography abilities, but also in her ability to love on people and bring them pure fun. I not only have beautiful pictures, I also have wonderful memories..."”